Saturday, October 10, 2020

President Frank D. Roosevelt Pen Used to Sign H. R. 8966


The members of the Trotwood-Madison Historical Society got a surprise at the Board of Directors October meeting.  Jim Rufener came the meeting and said he had an item that he wanted to present to the Trotwood-Madison Historical Society.  It was wrapped up and he wouldn't tell us what it was.  He said he had been cleaning house and was getting rid of some items.  He said he found this and was going to sell it, but decided to donate it to the society.

When he uncovered the item, it was a presidential ink pen sued by President Roosevelt to sigh H. R. 8966, An Act for the relief of World War Soldiers who were discharged from the Army because of minority or misrepresentation of age.

The board was very happy to accept the donation for the Society.  It will be prominently display when the Iams Homestead Museum opens for the 2021 season.


Saturday, June 15, 2019


We have a special tractor as our featured tractor for this year's harvest fest.  It is special not because it is a 1938 Model B John Deere that has been restored although that is reason enough.  It is special because of the history behind this particular tractor.

This tractor is owned and operated by the Whipp Family.  Gene Whipp inherited the tractor from his grandpa, Raymond Bataille, when he passed away in 1983.  It was purchased from a tractor dealership in New Carlisle, Ohio in the late 50’s or early 60’s.  His grandpa said the tractor was originally from Dark County, Ohio.

The Whipp family has put a lot of work in restoring the tractor.  They used it for raking hay and straw and pulling out bushes.  It was a useable "farm toy" and Gene's grandpa could start the tractor in two cranks.

Gene past on a few stories of his grandpa using the tractor.  He has a picture of his grandpa and a neighbor plowing a garden.  You may ask, "Why does it take two people to plow a garden with a tractor".  I guess there were no implements that came with the tractor.  His grandpa--using farmer ingenuity--hooked up a horse drawn turning plow to the tractor.  One drove the tractor and the other handled the turning plow.  I know there they have said horses would replaced tractors, but this was a case where a tractor replaced horses.  Gene also said that his grandpa was driving the tractor across the creek bridge when the bridge collapsed.  When the smoke and dust disappeared, there sat the old B John Deere on the road with his grandpa sitting in the seat.  I guess the old saying, "There is nothing that runs like a Deere" is true.

Come out to the 21st Annual Iams Homestead Pioneer Harvest see our featured tractor.  Gene Whipp and the members of the Whipp family will be there throughout the day.  Also view the other tractors and farm equipment; and all other displays and demonstrations that will be held through the day.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


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