Thursday, July 24, 2008

Historic Glimpses of Trotwood, Ohio

Whether your roots are deep in Trotwood History or you passed through briefly we hope that you think of Trotwood fondly. The Trotwood-Madison Historical Society has created a masterpiece called “Historic Glimpses of Trotwood, Ohio”, containing 224 pages of pictorials with narrative history. It also includes patron pages from families, businesses, churches, organizations, and schools with a name referenced index. This coffee table quality book is our first published history book of Trotwood and will remind you of past experiences and memorable moments that you may have forgotten.

Additional information is available on-line at Clicking on “T-M Historical Society” takes you to our home page. We are currently taking book orders, however, the second printing is selling rapidly. If you want a book you should send your order as soon as possible. Go to to download a copy of the order form. Contact Claude Keeling at 937-837-5387, Ralph Kuester at 937-837-0355 or Regina Kleinhenz at 937-854-4505 for any assistance. The first printing has sold out and the second printing is scheduled to be delivered the Middle of August.. The “Historic Glimpses of Trotwood, Ohio” will no doubt be a cherished memento of lasting value and also makes a great gift.

We hope you will consider purchasing a book to enjoy and at the same time support the Trotwood-Madison Historical Society. If you have friends or classmates that you think would like to have a copy of the book, have them visit our website or contact the individuals listed above.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Legacy Brick Walkway

To help capital improvements to the Iams Homestead, the Society has established "BUY A BRICK" to create a legacy of many individuals, Trotwood-Madison High School Alumni, businesses, and organizations which assisted with the development and preservation of the Iams Homestead property. Names will be engraved on bricks in walkways around the Iams House.

Bricks come in three sizes: standard 4" X 8" paving brick ($50.00); 8" X 8" paving brick ($100.00); and a 12" X 12" marble brick which is by special order. Contact Ralph Kuester at 937-837-0355 for further information or go to Go to to download an order form

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trotwood-Madison Historical Society

The Trotwood-Madison Historical Society began with a vision to 'Preserve the Past for the Future' at the 1976 Bicentennial Celebration. Requests for information about Trotwood’s History made the founders of the T-M Historical Society realize this data was not readily available.

In November 1979 the Trotwood-Madison Historical Society was established.In March 1997, the Iams Homestead became available and through research, study and negotiations, a plan was developed to purchase the property at 349 S. Broadway. The Historical Society approved the purchase of the Iams Homestead November 1997 with a mortgage of $100,000 that required financing of $65,000. Since November 1979 countless civic-minded volunteers have been working tirelessly to preserve the Trotwood-Madison community’s long and fascinating history.

As a result the Trotwood-Madison Historical Society can proudly claim an impressive array of accomplishments, including:

• Restoring and opening Olde Town’s Train Depot Museum

• Renovating and opening the Iams Homestead Museum and headquarters

• Creating and managing a commemorative brick program

• Publishing a historical book titled, “Historic Glimpses of Trotwood, Ohio”

• Establishing and staffing numerous community events

This is not an offical page for the Historical Society. It is a page I developed to pass information to members of the Society to keep them updated on Society events. The official webpage is located on the City of Trotwood, Ohio webpage at . When the page ovens, scroll down to the Historical Society link and click.