Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trotwood-Madison Historical Society

The Trotwood-Madison Historical Society began with a vision to 'Preserve the Past for the Future' at the 1976 Bicentennial Celebration. Requests for information about Trotwood’s History made the founders of the T-M Historical Society realize this data was not readily available.

In November 1979 the Trotwood-Madison Historical Society was established.In March 1997, the Iams Homestead became available and through research, study and negotiations, a plan was developed to purchase the property at 349 S. Broadway. The Historical Society approved the purchase of the Iams Homestead November 1997 with a mortgage of $100,000 that required financing of $65,000. Since November 1979 countless civic-minded volunteers have been working tirelessly to preserve the Trotwood-Madison community’s long and fascinating history.

As a result the Trotwood-Madison Historical Society can proudly claim an impressive array of accomplishments, including:

• Restoring and opening Olde Town’s Train Depot Museum

• Renovating and opening the Iams Homestead Museum and headquarters

• Creating and managing a commemorative brick program

• Publishing a historical book titled, “Historic Glimpses of Trotwood, Ohio”

• Establishing and staffing numerous community events

This is not an offical page for the Historical Society. It is a page I developed to pass information to members of the Society to keep them updated on Society events. The official webpage is located on the City of Trotwood, Ohio webpage at . When the page ovens, scroll down to the Historical Society link and click.

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