Saturday, February 6, 2010

1929 Trotwood Trailer Update

If you were at the harvestfest last year and really looked at our trailer, you would have found it in very bad condition. We had decided that we would not display the trailer again until it was repaired. The canvas was so rotten that every time we set it up more tears would appear.

We located a local company, Gilman Canvas Products, who said that they could make us a new canvas top for the trailer. We had left the trailer set up in the barn after the harvest fest last year so that we could get estimates for replacement of the top if we could find a local company. Gilman looked at the trailer and said they could make us a new top.

We took the trailer to Gilman Monday, February 1, and they had the top replaced by Friday February 5. The trailer is still in their shop and will remain there until the weather clears and we can take the trailer back to the Iams Homestead.

As you can see from both views--inside and outside--they did an outstanding job making a new top for us. The trailer should be good for another 80 years.

Mark your calendar for October 9, 2010, the day of the next harvest fest. The trailer will once again be a feature display. Bring your camera and come out and take pictures. I think you will be very happy with the results.

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Little House Living said...

Hi, I recently purchased a 1967 trotwood Lark with the cab over design. I have no information on this camper. Can you be of any help with locating paperwork for it ? Thanks!