Saturday, August 14, 2010

Englewood Parade 2010

Each year some of the Trotwood-Madison Historical Society drive their tractors in the Englewood Parade. This year Tony and Regina Kleinhenz, Danny Scarbro and Claude Keeling drove our tractors. We usually have more tractors in the parade, but, the Keelings and the Kleinhenzs have some tractors down for maintenance and could not be driven in the parade.

It was a beautiful day for the parade, however, it was a little warm. There are participants in the parade that come each year and it is always a lot of fun catching up with what is happening with the.

I have included a slide show of some of the participants in the parade. I think you will recognize the Trotwood-Madison Historical Society--they are the four four tractors in a line (1st is Regina(ford), 2nd is Claude (ford), 3rd is Danny (oliver) and 4th is Tony (farmall). Individual pictures are also included.

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