Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Iams Homestead Museum Grand Re-Opening

Join us for the Grand Opening of the Iams Homestead Museum.  Information is listed in the flier above.

The maintenance crew has been very busy getting repairs/renovations completed before the grand opening and it looks like all major tasks have been, or will be, completed.  I took a walk around the nature trail today and there is still a lot of large limbs down that will have to be removed before the grand opening.  I also noticed 3 different areas where the wild flowers are in bloom.  Hopefully, all the wild flowers will be in bloom for the grand opening.  If you have not taken a walk around the nature trail, the next time you visit the museum, take a stroll pass the 500+ years old Burr Oak Tree and complete the walk around the nature trail.  It will not take you long and it is well worth the time.

There has been a change in the museum schedule for this year.  The museum will not be open on Sundays, April 3 - November 27,  from 2:00 - 4:00 PM instead of on Saturdays.  Come for the grand opening, but, also come back and enjoy the museum at a later date.

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