Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Painting Studio

 The ladies who work our Garage Sales, Country Store and Kris Kringle have done a fantastic job and the set up in the studio always looks fantastic.  They have decided that since the displays are always so beautiful, the studio needed to be spruced up to better display our donated items which are sold at these events.

Merry Lou Scothon, who paints interiors as a business volunteered her expertise and time to help with the painting.  With her guidance, the painting team of Janet Kuester, Linda Keeling, Carleen Marshall and Al Scothon began the job of painting the interior of the Studio.  The pictures contained in this update are pictures of the work in progress.  After it is finished, pictures of the newly painted interior will be placed on the blogspot.

A special thanks to the work crew who painted the interior of the studio.  When you see them congratulate them on a "job well done"

Click on link to see some more pictures.


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